CBD oil to treat dogs

5 Common Ailments in Dogs that CBD Could Help to Treat

Although studies and clinical trials have just begun to scratch the surface, CBD oil holds a plethora of possibilities when it comes to treating common ailments among dogs.

Did you know that almost half of American dog owners have a dog age 7 or older? That’s over 35 million out of approximately 77 million dogs, as estimated by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Although the classification of what constitutes a “senior dog” is dependent upon the size and breed of the dog; it is generally accepted that dogs that reach the age of 7 are typically referred to as being a senior.

In dogs, as in people, the golden years period is usually when things start to change and degrade at a faster pace. Health problems can pop up and already existing conditions can worsen, if not treated properly. Many treatments can include medications that while intended to help improve the life of your pet, can also change their disposition and personalities; sometimes seeming as though your beloved family pet isn’t the same anymore. One method of treatment that people are increasingly seeking out is the use of CBD oil to help improve their pets’ quality of life. While CBD has provided promising results in it’s many clinical trials, there are five more common ailments that it has been associated with over the last several years, in which many pet owners have found astonishing results and have come to trust on a daily basis with the care of their dogs.

While results vary, from case to case, here are 5 common ailments in dogs that CBD could help to treat:


One in four dogs will be diagnosed with arthritis in their lifetime, but some estimates have that number exceeding 60% of all dogs could become victim of this disease. CBD can help in the treatment of arthritis because it shares similar metabolic features as that of anti-inflammatory drugs; which is the primary cause of arthritis in dogs.


While many may combine arthritis and pain as being the same thing, in this instance we will keep them separate, as arthritis tends to impact the joints that limit a dog’s range of motion, whereas inflammatory pain can be localized to a specific area. CBD could help particularly in the treatment of back pain; which is common among breeds such as Shih Tzus and Dachshunds.


Few sights are as painful and troubling as watching your beloved family pet experience a seizure. There are four types of seizures that a dog can be afflicted by, with the most common being the grand mal variety. The majority of studies conducted concerning the treatment of seizures with CBD have been very positive in their results, with a study done at Colorado State University that saw 89% of dogs treated with Applied Basic Science’s CBD oil saw a reduction in the frequency of their seizures.

With a result like that, it’s clear to see why CBD has become an important treatment method in canine seizures.


Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s just say this right away: there is no cure for cancer and we make no claim that the use of CBD will cure your pet’s cancer. Findings from clinical trials and studies, have shown promising results in that CBD could be a means of treating some common symptoms associated with cancer; the most often mentioned being nausea.

As research in this area of canine medicine is still in the early stages, there is a great possibility that CBD oil could have great potential in the treatment of symptoms associated with cancer.


A common misconception, when it comes to the administering of CBD oil to your pet, is that the affects will cause your pet to “get high” from their consuming of the CBD oil. As all of our CBD oils include less than 0.3% THC, you can rest assured that they are safe for your dog and will not leave them seeing any sorts of imaginary fairies or flying pigs. CBD oil treats anxiety, primarily, by reducing the symptoms from the previously listed ailments.

Not a psychoactive, CBD oil is safe to use with your pet; but be patient with dosing, as finding the right concentration for your pet can take some time and patience.

Studies and clinical trials of CBD oil and their potential benefits for pets are being conducted on a continuing basis. We’ve only begun to scratch the surface as to what they are capable of, but if the research that’s been done on our products is any indication of what is to come, then we’re confident and eager to see what the future has in store for our customers and their pets.

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