1200 mg CBD Oil For Large Dogs

Hemp Oil for Large Dogs


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Our CBD oil for large dogs is perfect for incorporating a healthy routine into your furry friend’s life! CBD oil for pets has been shown to be effective for treating a wide range of conditions, including anxiety, arthritis, inflammation, boosting appetite, and helping to slow cancer cell growth. ABSC’s pure 1200 mg extra strength CBD oil is perfect for large dog breeds (between 50-100lbs).

More about our CBD oil for large dog breeds:

  • Chicken-flavored CBD Oil;
  • Ideal for large dogs weighing between 50-100lbs.
  • 1200mg CBD concentration in 30mL bottle
  • Proprietary Premium Tincture from Colorado Hemp Oil
  • Certified Hemp Seed
  • Non-GMO
  • No Herbicides

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Product Reviews for ABSC CBD Oil for Large Dogs

92 reviews for 1200mg CBD Oil for Pets

  1. Samantha S.

    Jupiter is a 3 year old black mouth cur. When we moved to Denver in July 2017 she immediately started having seizures. We are still unsure if this was caused from the stress of moving or just her age but after the first trip to the emergency vet we started looking into a treatment plan for her. She had a seizure once a month until her vet suggested we start her on medication but when I asked about CBD oil she refused to discuss the topic. I started to do my own research on CBD oil. I stumbled upon ABSC and after speaking with David I was sold! This oil has reduced Jupiter’s seizures in half and we could not be happier! Thank you for everything!

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  2. Carmen H.

    Within 10 days of taking 7 drops twice a day of your C.H.O. Pet Tincture I noticed Stormy had more mobility. With the snowfall last night and temperatures below freezing today, she did her regular morning and evening walks with ease. Normally in those conditions she would need to take several breaks laying down or not be able to walk that far. Your product is working for her osteoarthritis.

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  3. Barbara Fuglsang (verified owner)

    Will last 1 month with twice a day dosing; 2 months with once daily.

    (10) (3)
  4. Margie E. (verified owner)

    Riley was having grand mal cluster seizures at least once a month. We continued his Zonisamide and Phenobarbital but added CBD Oil in December 2018. He has NOT had a seizure since!!! Yeah!

    Image #1 from Margie E.
    (10) (1)
  5. ann m. (verified owner)

    Image #1 from ann m.
    (1) (2)
  6. Margaret Tully (verified owner)

    (3) (1)
  7. Joan Ree (verified owner)

    just started and he takes it well in his food

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  8. Haley B. (verified owner)

    (2) (0)
  9. Julie G. (verified owner)

    This has been a miracle!!! Simons seizures have completely stopped and we have cut his seizure medication in half!! Truly a miracle!!

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  10. Sarah (verified owner)

    Jazz’ rear right knee instability is so much improved. Has been on CBD oil for 8 months now. Watching for deer in photo. Age 12. Steep price though.

    Image #1 from Sarah
    Video #1 from Sarah
    Video #2 from Sarah
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  11. Kelley S. (verified owner)

    Seems to be helping my 2 year old German Sheppard with climbing stairs .. He’s only been on it for 2.5 weeks now and I like what I see so far

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  12. Barbara M. (verified owner)

    Our dog seems to be moving better after the CBDs!

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  13. Erin (verified owner)

    My Saint Bernard is 11 and has moderately bad arthritis in her hips. The difference is pretty obvious in how she moves. This helps her be much more comfortable!

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  14. J S B. (verified owner)

    My 14 year old Australian Shepard Malamute mix can go up and down stairs again as well as chasing squirrels and rabbits in the yard. He couldn’t do this before taking ABSC Pure Organic CBD Oil. Thank you!

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  15. Theresa Morris (verified owner)

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  16. jessica (verified owner)

    I saw a noticeable decrease in back pain within a few days. I started with half a dose and have not had to increase to full dose yet.

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  17. Dina E. (verified owner)

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  18. Ginger R. (verified owner)

    Our Rhodesian Ridgeback (3 years old) has epilepsy. We give her Phenobarbitol and she continued to have seizures. We started her on CBD oil last month. She has had one more seizure which was shorter in intensity and duration. We are hopeful that the CBD oil will greatly reduce or eliminate her seizure activity

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  19. Cindy M. (verified owner)

    My dog has shown real improvement in movement and in pain management since I started using your product 18 months or so ago. But I do think it is expensive and so I am thinking of trying a different brand.

    (6) (1)
  20. Jim Piccinini (verified owner)

    I have had great results with Applied Basic Science CBD oil for my German Shepherd. I started her on it due to her backbone fusing and causing mobility and pain issues. Her Mobility has returned and pain control has helped. I was skeptical but I believe it has made a quality of life improvement in my dog.

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  21. Dominique Barrett (verified owner)

    The Cpd oil has made a huge difference with my pet. Her frequency of seizures has reduced significantly. Only question is that is recent order, the oil is dramatically different in color (darker) than all the other orders I have made. Is that an issue?

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  22. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Wasn’t able to use it, because our Governor is a coward.

    (0) (3)
  23. Nancy ONeil (verified owner)

    We have a 14 year old Australian Shepherd -American Eskimo mix named Jack. Two years ago Jack completely ruptured a cruciate ligament. After a very expensive TPLO surgery and months of rehab he recovered well but pain and arthritis at his age was a given. We have had many senior dogs that had major issues with NSAIDs, so after much research, I decided to try Applied Basic Science CBD oil. He has been on it for almost a year and I am so impressed that intend to keep him on it for the remainder of his life. It was about 10 days after I started the CBD oil that I could see that he was moving more freely. Rolling in the grass, bouncing playfully in the yard and just acting like he felt good. He just had his yearly vet check and his veterinarian said he is in great shape for 14 yr old.

    Image #1 from Nancy ONeil
    Image #2 from Nancy ONeil
    Image #3 from Nancy ONeil
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  24. Amy (verified owner)

    Expensive comparatively to others. I only purchase when I receive a coupon.

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  25. David P. @ PetPainFree.com (store manager)

    Thank you for the note. We are the only company or product which has completed clinical trials on our products for pets. That does make it a little more expensive, but also lets you know that the product is safe and that we do everything we can to provide the best CBD oil for pets.

  26. Wendy B. (verified owner)

    My White German Shepherd is 13.5 years old and your CBD oil definitely makes her more comfortable and helps with her mobility. I’m not sure we’d still have her without CBD.

    Image #1 from Wendy B.
    Image #2 from Wendy B.
    Image #3 from Wendy B.
    Image #4 from Wendy B.
    Image #5 from Wendy B.
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  27. Izzy Palans (verified owner)

    not sure if it is working or not, but fearful of stopping it.

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  28. Jan (verified owner)

    As a biostatistician, I am very skeptical of all the media hype about CBD as a magical cure for pretty much everything under the sun, but I tried it for my senior dog out of desperation – Previcox killed her appetite, and appeared to be slowly killing her as well, but I was afraid she would suffer terrible arthritic pain if I took her off it. After a week on the CBD I stopped her Previcox to see how she would do. Within three days she was rough-housing with her brother, chasing rabbits, and eating with gusto – something she hadn’t done for over a year. At 13, she’s once again enjoying her life and I’m grateful for every single pain-free day the CBD gives her.

    Image #1 from Jan
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  29. Gary M. (verified owner)

    Our dog has epilepsy and his seizures have been reduced in numbers and severity since we have been using this product.

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  30. Andrew O. (verified owner)

    3 weeks using product -14 days .5ml 2x day, 7days .5ml per day. Dosages were intermingled over the 3 weeks. My 96 lb. Lab was having trouble with her right hip getting up, now she is getting up easier and moving like her old self. Will continue to use the oil.

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  31. Elisabeth K. (verified owner)

    Our older pit bull mix has arthritis. Putting him on CBD oil has definitely made him more comfortable and has given him back his quality of life.

    Image #1 from Elisabeth K.
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  32. Sally (verified owner)

    I wish the price was a bit cheaper, but I will do what is necessary for my dog.

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  33. Lisa N. (verified owner)

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  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  37. Christine (verified owner)

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  38. Barbara Fuglsang (verified owner)

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  39. pamela e. (verified owner)

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  40. Felicia M. (verified owner)

    My 14 year old beagle Beatrix has some issues with her discs in her neck and back—resulting in a lot of pain. We also do acupuncture every three weeks, and she has a pain med cocktail, that I try to keep at minimal use. When I added the CBD, I could tell that it makes her feel like a puppy again. We love this product.

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  41. Mary (verified owner)

    My 7 year old lab has had 5 knee surgeries. Your CBD oil not only enabled me to take him off codeine med after his most recent surgery but also eases his discomfort if he has any joint pain .

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  42. Stephanie C. (verified owner)

    Seems expensive, but it IS a higher concentration than most others online. It also seems to be keeping my old girl more comfortable than pain pills alone.

    Image #1 from Stephanie C.
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  43. Patricia S. (verified owner)

    Am using CBD oil for our dog’s anxiety. We’ve noticed a small change for the better and are going to up dosage. A dosing chart or some information would be useful, as the label is extremely difficult to read- print is really small.

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  44. David P. @ PetPainFree.com (store manager)

    Sorry, we know the text on those labels can be small! You can see dosage information on the product page and also in our FAQs here https://appliedbasicscience.com/cbd-dosage/

  45. Isabelle Leblond (verified owner)

    Image #1 from Isabelle Leblond
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  46. pamela e. (verified owner)

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  47. Sally S. (verified owner)

    It took about 3 months of CBD Oil and arthritis medicine for us to see a large improvement in our dog. Thank you vet programs and researchers!

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  48. Morgan (verified owner)

    CBD seems to be giving my almost 13 year-old GSD good relief from arthritis. On her daily open space romps, she is more playful, has a spring in her step and will chase her toy.

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  49. Isabelle Leblond (verified owner)

    George been having less and less seizures

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  50. Paul W. (verified owner)

    Bear had a limp in his left front paw. We tried everything – physical therapy, acupuncture, injections, drugs… took CAT scans, X Rays. Nothing worked. After the first treatment with ABSC CBD his limp stopped. Absolutely amazing.

    (2) (2)
  51. Emily (verified owner)

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  52. LIsa d. (verified owner)

    I use this to help control my dogs seizures. It has worked very well for us.

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  53. Mary W. (verified owner)

    My 5 yr old rescue dog has pretty severe epilepsy with cluster seizures…she is on every seizure drug and was denied entry to CSU cbd trial due to some pharmaceutical issues. Since I started this product (the bonafide real deal – had her on others) she bounces right back after an episode where she used to be out of her mind for 24 hrs and clusters get stopped after 3 (instead of 7 or 8)

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  54. Sally S. (verified owner)

    This product in combination with an arthritis medication has turned around our dogs health problem.

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  55. Renee J. (verified owner)

    We’ve been using the product for just about a year now. I assumed the amount we were dosing really wasn’t doing anything and it was the same as the other brands we’ve used in the past. So I cut it in half and only gave it one time each day. Within a couple days my dog was back to having break through seizures. Back on it he went and he’s back to normal. We won’t make that mistake again. Please don’t ever stop making this available. My boy depends on it!

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  56. Mary Oelkers (verified owner)

    Our Golden Pyranese had some seizures in December. The vet says likely a brain tumor. We started her on .50 2x per day along with anti seizure drugs. She has not had any more and is back to her old self again.

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  57. Emily L. (verified owner)

    My good boy is having fewer focal seizures since I started him on this and I am thrilled to be able to help him out in anyway possible.

    (0) (1)
  58. Iva S. (verified owner)

    Lady has multiple problems and takes multiple medications. I can’t say for certain what helps her, but during the times when I haven’t given it to her she seems a little worse. The cost is a bit prohibitive for me unfortunately

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  59. Paul W. (verified owner)

    The CBD oil has fixed Bear’s limping when nothing else worked. Great customer service as well.

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  60. pamela (verified owner)

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  61. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I bought the product to manage pain for my dog Piper who is in the last stages of nasal cancer. It turned out that the CBD oil contains chicken flavoring which made Piper extremely ill with vomiting and diarrhea leading to an expensive vet visit. It was only when I went searching through the FAQs that I found one comment that it contained the flavor. There was nothing in the ingredients list or anywhere on the main pages to indicate the addition of a flavoring, simply the phrase ‘pure CBD oil’ which I found to be misleading. Had I known there was chicken in the oil I would not have purchased it as I do not give Piper anything with chicken based on past experience.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    (5) (1)
  62. David P. @ PetPainFree.com (store manager)

    We are so sorry to hear about Piper. Thank you for the note and recommendation. We will update the product pages to make the chicken flavoring more apparent. We will also consider offering other flavor choices.

  63. Dorothy B. (verified owner)

    Great product! I have been hesitant to use any CBD product. However, I was at wits end with the constant vomiting from hypersalivation of my nervous girl. This has helped tremendously and as a bonus has helped her soreness she has chronically in her left front leg. Thank you!

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  64. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have high confidence in the quality of this product and I always recommend it to other dog owners. Helps a great deal with nighttime anxiety in my older dog. He sleeps wonderfully. Also seems to help with arthritis pain.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
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  65. Felicia M. (verified owner)

    We have 3 dogs in the house—two large and one small. We buy this primarily for my 28 pound female beagle, Beatrix; but it’s nice to have it on hand for the larger dogs for pain; we just does down for her. Bea is responding well to it—she has a disc disease and her pain is lessened with this. We also used it for Madigan, our boxer mastiff, when she was spayed, and it helped—she was a rescue from the pound and they didn’t provide any pain meds. Her mood changed quickly when she was given this.

    We didn’t see much improvement for anxiety for our 80 pound treeing walker coonhound; however, we were just experimenting with that.

    (1) (1)
  66. Christal (verified owner)

    We just started our rescue dog on the ABSC Pure Organic CBD Oil. He’s moving around better and seems to be more agile. We bought the CBD oil for helping eliminate seizures. So far, he’s not having any break through seizures! We’re so pleased! We’ll be ordering more from ABSC Organics as we work our way to having few if any seizures. Thank you for providing such a pure, well manufactured and tested product for us to work with.

    Image #1 from Christal
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  67. Julie A. (verified owner)

    Quality company and quality product. I’m using this for my 12 year old lab who has osteoarthritis and as an adjective treatment with anti convulsants for seizures that have started recently. So far so good.

    (1) (1)
  68. Vanessa (verified owner)

    This product has helped our 11 year old boxer with her osteoarthritis pain significantly. The original dose did not seem adequate (some improvement in mobility but not a big difference) however so we did have to increase it. The osteoarthritis study I found used significantly higher doses than what is recommended on the ABSC bottle so we ended up needing the concentrate and her pain seems to be improved on a higher dose. If we forget a dose we can definitely tell that the stairs are much more difficult for her to navigate. I do hope the cost is lowered in the future in order to make this therapy less cost prohibitive so more animals may benefit from its use.

    (1) (0)
  69. Emily (verified owner)

    My 14 year old Staffordshire, Emma, has arthritis and spondylosis and currently takes a number of meds for pain management. After a recent fall, the vet wanted to temporarily increase her normal meds and so my quest began to find other ways to ease her discomfort. I came across this oil and decided to try it out. I really noticed a difference when I ended up spilling the first bottle, stopped dosing to reorder, and began dosing again with the second bottle. Emma has a bit more pep in her step and seems to be more at ease after a few days of continuous dosing. She takes the oil no problem in the am with a little squirt in the mouth, and mixed in her food in the pm. Although still experimenting a bit with the dosages, I definitely plan to continue using the product.

    Image #1 from Emily
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  70. Isabelle Leblond (verified owner)

    George is now 160 days seizures free !!

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  71. Paige (verified owner)

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  72. Nancy (verified owner)

    After 7 days of treatment, it has helped my 8 year old Labrador’s elbow arthritis. She has less of a limp, so I know she has less pain. I do have to hide the dosage in a spoonful of canned dog food. She does not care for either the taste or smell. But that is an easy remedy, so no concerns.

    (1) (0)
  73. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love the product!

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  74. Susan F. (verified owner)

    Has made an enormous positive difference. Rimadyl did not provide such a comprehensive improvement.

    (0) (0)
  75. Anonymous (verified owner)

    (0) (1)
  76. ann markey (verified owner)

    Thanks for helping our Kangaroo! The oil really helps her arthritis!

    Image #1 from ann markey
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  77. Dot Williams (verified owner)

    Seems expensive – but what do I know? The quality is excellent

    (0) (1)
  78. Douglas B. (verified owner)

    (0) (1)
  79. Dot Williams (verified owner)

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  80. Barbara F. (verified owner)

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  81. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great oil. The only thing that helps with my dog’s seizures..

    Image #1 from Anonymous
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  82. Ashley F. (verified owner)

    The price is high but so far my dog has been using the CBD oil since 8/25/2020. His last seizure was on 8/23/2020. I feel like this is helping him. I will keep buying and using this.

    (2) (2)
  83. Gabe M (verified owner)

    My 15 yr old Lab suddenly started having seizures I went to the vet and he put her on phenobarbital this drug made her so dizzy she was going in circles she was so out of it she could barely walk. After 6 weeks I have had enough and started researching alternative treatment that’s when I landed on this site. She is off the drug and have not had any seizure since.

    (1) (1)
  84. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Our dog has epilepsy and this has helped the severity of his seizures when they occur.

    (0) (0)
  85. MARLENE (verified owner)

    (0) (0)
  86. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  87. Clara D. (verified owner)

    My dog Emma, who is a 10 year old Pitbull, had a very bad seizure in November of 2020. The vet found no abnormalities and said that we should wait to see if she had another, and that if she did, she would need to be put on medication. A few months later she had another massive seizure and I decided to try ABSC Organics before anything else. She started her CBD treatment in April of 2021, now over a year later and she has not had any seizures since! Very thankful for the quality of this product and what it has done to help Emma.

    Image #1 from Clara D.
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  88. Wendi (verified owner)

    This product has greatly helped my aging husky retain her mobility and quality of life.

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  89. Anonymous (verified owner)

    (0) (0)
  90. Kim Powanda (verified owner)

    My Teiko

    (0) (0)
  91. David (store manager)

    That is a beautiful, fluffy dog!

  92. Cami Learned (verified owner)

    (0) (0)
  93. Nancy H. (verified owner)

    My Catahoula leopard dog mix is a rescue and was terrified of thunderstorms until we started her on your CBD oil. She still wants to get under the bed when there are thunderstorms but she’s no longer under there panting, shaking uncontrollably, and drooling. Now she’s under the bed sleeping. Thank you!

    (0) (0)
  94. Cami L. (verified owner)

    Our dog is old and quite arthritic. I believe this product has helped him with pain control as he still has lots of life and interest in things.

    (0) (0)
  95. Trina Craig (verified owner)

    Hard to tell if it helps, and it’s really expensive

    (0) (0)
  96. Susan S. (verified owner)

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