4 Jobs Only Dogs Can Do

4 Jobs Only Dogs Can Do

One might argue, that the only job a dog really has is to live up to their billing as “man’s best friend.” While owning this honor is in the nature of most dogs, expecting nothing more out of them would only be selling them incredibly short.

For centuries, dogs have played a critical part in human existence and safety; and with the right training, a dog can master a number of tasks and duties that require strict attention to detail, obedience and precision.

The sky is the limit when it comes to canine careers, but here are 4 jobs that only dogs can do that show off their skills, dedication and compassion.

Service Dog:

Generally receiving training that lasts from 1-2 years, service dogs are trained specifically to compensate for their owner’s disability. In addition to assisting their owner, it is essential that service dogs be exceptionally well-behaved in public; as it is often in these settings where their owners need their help the most.

The most commons breeds used as service dogs are golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers and German shepherds.

Some examples of a service dogs include:

  • Guide dogs for the visually impaired
  • Mobility-assistance dogs
  • Hearing dogs for the hearing impaired
  • Seizure, diabetes and other medical-assistance dogs
Service dog golden retriever

Police Dog:

Police dogs, or more commonly referred to as K-9s, are dogs that are specifically trained to help police and other law-enforcement. Not only can they be great at detecting illicit substances, but they also act as their handler’s backup and protection. Capable of subduing suspects, a police dog is obedient, but not to my trifled with.

The most common breeds of police dogs are German shepherds and Belgian Malinois.

Police dog German shepherd

Detection Dog:

With probably the best sniffers in the business, detection dogs have a great sense of smell and are highly motivated by positive reinforcement. Just watch a single episode of any of the border control-type shows and you’ll see very quickly how important these dogs are to ensuring our safety both at home and abroad. Trained to commonly sniff-out illegal drugs, explosives and blood; some detection dogs have been known to be able to detect cancer, certain types of insects and abnormal blood sugar levels. It’s because of their exceptional skill-set that these dogs can be used across many different fields, including law enforcement, health care and wildlife biology.

The most common breeds of detection dogs are beagles, golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers.

Detection dog airport customs border control

Herding Dog:

Herding dogs aren’t so much trained to do their job, but rather they are born into it; as it is a very breed-specific occupation. Typically working with sheep or cattle, herding dogs are natural-born wonders; but they do need some help in developing their trade. To help with this, the older generation usually guides and trains them. Herding dogs also have the opportunity to show off their skills in various competitions, where it has become an “animal sport” that many folks around the world enjoy watching and participating in.

The most commonly seen breeds of herding dogs include border collies, Icelandic sheepdogs and king shepherds.

Herding dog with sheep

There are a lot of other neat and important jobs that only dogs can do, too. Like us humans, though, their careers only last so long and many of these working dogs retire. Though these dogs are well cared for, they may develop their own health issues and ailments later in life that can be treated with CBD oil, providing a rewarding and satisfying retirement life for man’s best friend, too.

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