How Much CBD Oil Can You Give to Your Dog

How Much CBD Oil Can You Give to Your Dog? CBD Dosage for Dogs

You’ve probably arrived on this page because you are trying to help your dog conquer anxiety, pain, or just live a healthier, happier life, and you’ve heard that CBD oil from hemp may help. But how much CBD oil can you give to your dog? What’s the correct CBD dosage for dogs that are suffering from specific conditions or that just need some additional support? 



Why Give CBD to Your Dog?

Just like humans, dogs (and all mammals, for that matter) have an endocannabinoid system. Though it wasn’t discovered until the 1990s, this system is vitally important for a range of functions within the body. This includes sleep, mood (including depression and anxiety), memories, appetite, and more as it appears to help the body stabilize and return to homeostasis. And there’s so much more to discover.

Even if you don’t use any form of cannabis, the endocannabinoid system is active. Yet dogs (as well as humans and all other mammals) have cannabinoid receptors that interact with cannabinoids that are found in plants from echinacea to black pepper to rosemary to chocolate to maca to, of course, cannabis or hemp.

In addition, the endocannabinoids anandamide and 2-arachidonoylglyerol (2-AG) are made by the body and are used to keep internal processes running optimally. 

While there are other cannabinoids available, not all of them are safe for dogs. Chocolate, for instance, can be dangerous and even fatal. THC, the compound in pot that can make you high, is also considered a toxin for dogs that can lead to illness. 

Remember, even though the animals we share the world with have an endocannabinoid system doesn’t mean they respond to the substances the same way. After all, humans may be able to take ibuprofen, use sweeteners like Xylitol, or eat raisins and chocolate, but these same ingredients can be severely toxic to our furry friends.

Fortunately, one cannabinoid has been shown to be safe and effective for dogs in real-world settings as well as in clinical research: that’s CBD. CBD is an important and powerful compound in the cannabis (specifically hemp) plant that appears to have a wide range of health benefits for pets and their humans.

Pet owners give CBD oil to their dogs to help ease a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Noise reactivity
  • Seizures
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Increasing appetite
  • Helping slow cancer growth
  • Itchiness
  • Aggression
  • And more.

Yet determining how much CBD oil you can give to your dog can be a challenge. First off, you have to consider the size of the dog in the fight. But you also have to look at what that fight is—i.e., what condition are you seeking to help improve? And finally, are there other ingredients in the CBD product that could slow absorption or interfere with its effects? 

Considerations for CBD for Your Dog

Before diving into how much CBD is right for your pet, there are three main considerations:

  1. How are they consuming CBD?

CBD products come in CBD or hemp oils, capsules, topicals, and edible treats. CBD oils appear to provide the highest bioavailability and may provide faster relief. Plus, they’re easy and convenient to use as they can be given directly or even added to your dog’s food. You can even find flavored options, like salmon, chicken, and bacon that are enticing for dogs.

Treats are another popular option. However, because they contain more ingredients, they are typically absorbed slower, so they may take longer to provide relief and may be broken down in the digestive system. Thus, less CBD reaches the bloodstream.

Capsules are also available, which can provide a fixed dose and may be more convenient for travel. However, many pet parents find giving pills to their dogs to be difficult, especially if their pet is experiencing discomfort.

  1. How big is your dog?

Dosage is highly dependent on the size of your dog. Smaller dogs need a lower dosage, whereas larger dogs can use much more. Makes sense, right? 

Make sure you’re looking at a dosage chart for your chosen CBD product to ensure you’re starting with the recommended amount. You may, however, need to adjust slightly after seeing how your dog responds.

  1. How severe is your dog’s condition?

The last important consideration is their condition. Is it chronic yet mild and only requires a base dose? Or is the condition more acute and severe? If it’s more severe, you may need to increase the dosage. For example, you may provide a base dose on most days, but if your pet shows signs of anxiety during thunderstorms, you may want to increase the dose when a storm moves in. 

CBD Dosage Guidelines Per Weight 

Choosing the correct bottle size for your dog is the first step. Then start with the baseline dose using the dosage chart to determine the right amount for your dog. (The information below is for ABSC Organics. Other brands may have different dosages in their products.) 

How Much CBD for Teacup or Small Dogs?

For small dogs (under 50 pounds), we recommend the 300-mg bottle

10 pounds: 0.1 mL twice daily

20 pounds: 0.2 mL twice daily 

How Much CBD for Medium-Sized Dogs?

For medium-sized dogs, the 600-mg bottle is a convenient size. Use the dosage chart below to determine the correct amount for your dog, depending on their weight. 

Dosages are per mL. And 2 drops = 0.1 mL. 

How Much CBD for Large Dogs?

Larger bottles (1,200 mg) can be purchased for small dogs with a more chronic condition (as it lasts longer) or for large dogs who need a larger amount. 

For dogs, 50 – 100 pounds, the recommended dosage is twice daily, directly. 

60 pounds: 0.3 mL

70 pounds: 0.35 mL

80 pounds: 0.4 mL

90 pounds: 0.45 mL

100 pounds: 0.5 mL

How Much CBD for Giant Dogs?

If your pup is over 100 pounds, the largest size bottle is 2,400 mg of CBD. Twice daily, give these big boys between 0.3 mL (for 110 pounds) and 0.5 mL (for 200 pounds). Again, use the full dosage chart above to determine the right amount for your dog. 

Even with the above recommendations, don’t be afraid to experiment. Every pet is different and may have different reactions due to their own size, metabolism, temperament, condition, and more. 

Can You Give Your Dog Too Much CBD? 

There are risks with any new substance. For example, some animals may be allergic to hemp oil. Or, the CBD product may be made with hemp that’s been exposed to pesticides, herbicides, or other contaminants. (ABSC Organics diligently ensures there are absolutely no contaminants in our CBD pet products.) That said, quality cannabidiols have been shown to be safe, non-toxic substances that provide numerous health benefits. Plus, because CBD oils are safe, effective, and found in nature, they do not lead to overdose.

If given a dosage that’s too high for your pet, though, there can be side effects. These include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry mouth
  • Low blood pressure. 

So, watch your pet for excess drowsiness or drinking. Fortunately, CBD side effects are minimal and tend to quickly resolve compared to many drugs, and their chances of developing a tolerance are pretty much nonexistent. In other words, while drugs used to treat anxiety, pain, and other issues with pets can have a lot of uncomfortable side effects, CBD use tends to have much less, if any. 

How Quickly Does CBD Start Helping?

In general, it takes about 30 to 45 minutes for CBD to get into the bloodstream to start helping. Again, oils tend to work more quickly than treats as they contain only CBD and the carrier oil. 

Depending on the dog and the dog’s condition, though, it may take more or less time to notice benefits. 

For example, with acute anxiety, many people report their dogs calming down within 30 to 60 minutes. For dogs that are experiencing pain or inflammation, it may take up to two to four weeks before the dogs appear to enjoy the full results and live with greater comfort. For a seizure, some pet owners report decreased episodes almost immediately. Others report that it took a bit of time with their pets. 

Other ingredients in the product can also affect how quickly the CBD works as well as how long it lasts.

How Long Does a CBD Dose Last?

CBD should be given to a pet at least twice daily, as each dose provides benefits for up to eight hours. Again, however, a lot can vary depending on the pet’s size, breed, metabolism, activity level, and severity of symptoms. Younger pets may need smaller amounts more often due to a faster metabolism. With a dog with anxiety or another condition, you may need more during times of stress. 

How Much CBD Oil Can You Give to Your Dog: The Bottom Line

This article provides guidance for how much CBD oil to give to your dog. But every dog is different. They come in all sizes, shapes, and temperaments, so there’s no one-size-fits-all CBD dosage.

Start with the baseline suggestion and then work with your pet and your vet to figure out the best amount for your situation.  

Ready to see how the best CBD for pets—ABSC Organics—can help your pet live a more vibrant, healthy life? Get started here

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