CBD for Pets Reviews: Customer Testimonials

Emma is an almost 7 year old (her birthday is November 24th), 50-ish pound, border collie/lab/who-knows-what mix. She started having grand mal seizures mid-June of this year and had one every two weeks on the dot for six weeks. Three seizures and a clean blood panel later, Emma was diagnosed with epilepsy and put on phenobarbital. After many sleepless nights and a thorough investigation of phenobarbital, I decided I wanted to try an alternative before committing Emma to a lifetime of barbiturate use. Enter CBD Oil. In my research I found the CSU clinical trial and, while Emma did not qualify for the trial, they sent me to David and Applied Basic Science. I emailed David to ask a few questions and quickly got a reply with the information I needed to make my decision. I began giving Emma 5 drops of the 600 mg oil morning and night on July 21st. It is now September 20th and Emma has only had one seizure since being on the CBD oil. While this may not seem like a huge improvement to some, here is a little perspective. Emma was having a seizure every two weeks, she has now only had one in two months. The literature I read on phenobarbital indicated that treatment was considered “successful” if the dog had two seizures a month. When my dog is only have two seizures a month to begin with, that does not sound like success to me. Additionally, we were able to give her a dropper of the oil mid seizure and it shortened the duration of the seizure. While I do not believe that any product will completely eliminate Emma’s seizures, I see this reduction as a success. I also love the fact that I do not have to give this therapy every 12 hours on the dot, we live a busy lifestyle and sometimes go 14 to 15 hours between doses with no ill effects. Furthermore, I know the oil makes Emma feel good all around. She has luxating patella tendons in both hind legs that have luxated out and her femurs have twisted. Over the years this has slowed her mobility and caused her discomfort, but since she has been on the C.H.O Tincture she is moving better, jumping better, and all around seems like a happier, more mobile dog. She looks for her treat at the beginning and end of each day, and lets me know if she thinks I am forgetting it. I have no doubt that Emma will be on this product for the rest of her life. I feel good knowing that the product is safe, the formula is consistent, and the company believes in transparency and providing the best for our canine companions. I have even made the decision to put her brother (an 80 pound mutt from the same litter that looks mostly lab) on two drops of the 600mg morning and night to help with an old back injury that flares up every once in a while.

Thank you for making a product that works!

Our Billie Girl started having focal seizures not too long ago, because my niece has epilepsy that has been helped immensely by the use of specialized CBD oil, we knew we wanted to go that route. The Vet ruled out everything but a brain tumour or an immune disorder causing inflammation in her brain, but most likely a tumour. So she isn’t going to survive this. We saw no reason to put her on heavy pharmaceuticals that would make her feel awful just so she could stay alive for our sake. Our goal was to make sure she was having as many Doggy-Dog-Dogging-It days as possible. The Vet suggested keeping a calendar of good days and bad days so we could have a clear sense of when it is time to let her go. We were initially using CBD oils designed for dogs here in Canada. They worked to some degree, but she was still having distressing auras (lead ups to the seizures). She was exhausted, upset, and sometimes confused, but the seizures were reduced in severity. We did not count those as good days and were discussing with the Vet when it would be time for her to go. My sister gave me some guidelines on what to look for in a CBD oil and I went searching. I found an interview online about the studies being undertaken at Colorado State and knew we had to use CHO oil. The difference is astounding. No more discernible auras. No more confusion. She’s happy. Her energy is pretty good. She has a great appetite. I only rarely see a tick of the head indicating a slight seizure now and again. We do have to use a bit more oil than we were prescribed to do so by CHO. But no harm done, because every day since we have been using CHO has been a good day on the calendar. We don’t know how much longer we have her, but as long as our sweet thing is enjoying digging up the backyard to hide her treats, barking at racoons, and walking at the lake we’re grateful.

We spoke a few days ago about Zuzu’s first month on the CHO oil and the effects. I wanted to tell you some details. Background info: Zuzu has Chiara Malformation of the skull, has had increasing seizures and pain for 5 of her 9 1/2 years of life. Has had both ears surgically opened up for drainage of “glue ear” after both ear drums ruptured, and was diagnosed with the dog version of “Bell’s Palsy “2 months ago.

This is an excerpt from the update I sent to her neurologist this week! —At this point , Zuzu has been on the CHO oil for just over 4 weeks, there are still small seizures. Sometimes daily. Sometimes not. But the more
significant positive difference is her level of comfort has increased dramatically! She doesn’t pace all evening. She can sleep on my lap in the evening, then sleep on my bed all night for 8-9 hours. She is Peppy! People
confuse her for Maya! (Maya is my 5 year old Cavalier that does not have neurological problems) They are both therapy dogs. The nurses where we visit ask me if Zuzu is Maya because she is so happy and energetic!
I have my girl back! And I am so thankful for this time we share as 3 months ago she endured hospitalization for unending seizures. I feared her life was drastically changed for the worse.

To summarize, her seizures may have decreased in number and duration slightly. Her inflammation/discomfort has decreased significantly. Her eye droop is almost unnoticeable. ( from the dog version of Bell’s
Palsy) No drool.

I have increased the CHO dosage slowly from 1 small drop to 3 large drops. The bottle says .25ml. I haven’t reached that yet. On the phone they told me to start with one drop.

Hey David, I am not sure if this is of interest to you but FYI, her first 2 seizures were 2 months apart. She had another seizure in June, which was 4 months since the last one, and it seemed a little less severe then the first 2. I am hopeful that the longer period between episodes and the severity being less, might be a result of the CBD oil. Thanks for your help.

We are very thankful for ABS and the top of the line quality CBD oil they provide. We were recommended to ABS by our Neurologist at CSU Veterinary Hospital for our 7 year old Maltipoo Presley for her seizures. She has had over 100 seizures during the last 4 years since her first seizure. We have been with her for all of these seizures with the exception of 3 that were caught on our security cameras that we installed to monitor her while we are at work. As you can imagine, it has been heartbreaking for us.

During the last two months since Presley started on the CBD oil in addition to her regular medications, she has been seizure free. Some other positive changes are that she sleeps through the night and it appears to help her anxiety. She used to be up and down all night long, which means we didn’t sleep much either worrying if she was going to have a seizure every time she got up. She is back to her happy go lucky self and enjoying fetching, which is her absolute favorite activity!

Due to the positive results with Presley, we now have put our other two dogs on the drops. Elvis is taking the drops for his arthritis and Buddy Holly as a cancer preventative as he had a cancerous tumor removed from his leg last year. They all are doing amazing and we are true believers of this product.

We would also like to note that when we first received the product and were confused about dosing amounts, David the Owner of ABS, called us himself to make sure we understood the dosing guidelines. The fact the owner would take the time to call and go over everything with us speaks volumes as to the exceptional level of customer service shown by ABS.

Thank you to ABS and David the owner for providing a quality CBD oil that we can feel confident in giving to our babies. In the attached picture is: Left: Presley, Middle: Buddy Holly, Right: Elvis.

Hello David,

Within 10 days of taking 7 drops twice a day of your C.H.O. Pet Tincture I noticed Stormy had more mobility. With the snowfall last night and temperatures below freezing today, she did her regular morning and evening walks with ease. Normally in those conditions she would need to take several breaks laying down or not be able to walk that far. Your product is working for her osteoarthritis.

Thank you
Carmen H.

The old boys love their CHO makes the feel young again thank you.

Steven S.

Hi, this is Miley, our 9 yr old Rough Collie.

Miley is a happy girl since she hasn’t had a seizure in over a month! Miley started having Grand Mal seizures about 9 months ago. Our vet put her on Phenobarbital but the seizures continued at the rate of one every two weeks, sometimes 2 in one week and we kept increasing the medication. This was very disturbing to us. I saw the article in the Denver Post about the study being done by CSU using C.H.O. Pet Tincture oil for epilepsy in pets. I contacted them and got the name of the supplier: Applied Basic Science Corp (ABSC) . I ordered some for Miley. ABSC was very helpful in determining the correct dosage for her 6-7 drops 2 times a day (not droppersful as the C.H.O. Pet Tincture sold in the pet store) and the shipping and customer support is great. It’s very easy to administer, I put the C.H.O. Pet Tincture in her cheek and gently massage it. We tried the C.H.O. Pet Tincture capsules available at the pet store, but found that the C.H.O. Pet tincture oil appeared to be more effective. I especially like the fact that we KNOW where this hemp is grown and WHERE the oil is manufactured unlike other brands online. We feel confident in given it to our beloved pets. We have another collie, a rescue who is quite skittish around strangers (due to severe abuse) and we have given the C.H.O. Pet Tincture oil to him on occasion to help clam him in stressful situations. It was so nice to see our big boy being able to interact without running off and hiding! This oil is amazing. I believe it has also helped Miley with her mild arthritis! She still barks at the squirrels and runs around the yard! She’s appears to be feeling more like her “old” self.

Best Regards
Diane Sanford


I’m at a town concert because I feel amazing because of my CBD’s! I am seizure free for 1 1/2 years!!! I have been taking my “magic drops” for 1 1/2 years and have been off my seizure meds for one year!! I love going on walks every day with my mom dad and we go camping and 4-wheeling too! Thanks ABSC for helping me feel so amazing! My mommy and daddy thank you for saving me and bringing me back to them!

Hello David,

I want to tell the story of Maverick. Maverick is our 3 year old rescue Rough Collie. Maverick had a very rough start in life. He was rescued from a very abusive situation in Oklahoma, where he and a couple of other pups were kept OUTSIDE ALL THE TIME! That was the least of the abuse this sweet boy endured. As a result, Maverick gets very anxious during high winds and thunder storms. We live near the mountains and experience very high winds when the weather is changing. When this occurs, Maverick will not settle down. He constantly paces around the house as if he is looking for a place to hide. At 86 lbs, that is not an easy task! I needed to find a solution that would help him deal with the weather and not “knock him out”. We have been using the C.H.O. PET tincture for our other dog who experiences seizures so I thought I would give it a try on Maverick. I thought, at worst, it would make him sleepy. The results were apparent in very short order! YES this worked!. I gave him about 6-7 drops inside his cheek and he calmed down and was relaxed enough to just lay on the floor. He wasn’t sleepy or droopy at all. Simply nice and relaxed. Chilled out you might say! I can’t thank you enough for bringing such a wonderful product to the marketplace. Maverick thanks you too!




My 13 yr old Pomeranian, Skippy, was recently diagnosed with an enlarged heart that is pressing on his trachea causing him to cough. The vet suggested we try to keep him calm as to not stress his heart. Being a Pom, he gets excited! My daughter was dog sitting Skippy and she tried giving Skippy some of your C.H.O. PET to calm him and stop his coughing.
He is only about 9 lbs so she only gave him a couple of drops. It worked. He calmed down and stopped coughing. Just thought you’d like to know how well your product worked for Skippy.

Jan P.

Jupiter is a 3 year old black mouth cur. When we moved to Denver in July 2017 she immediately started having seizures. We are still unsure if this was caused from the stress of moving or just her age but after the first trip to the emergency vet we started looking into a treatment plan for her. She had a seizure once a month until her vet suggested we start her on medication but when I asked about CBD oil she refused to discuss the topic. I started to do my own research on CBD oil. I stumbled upon ABSC and after speaking with David I was sold! This oil has reduced Jupiter’s seizures in half and we could not be happier! Thank you for everything!

-Samantha S.

These are my two Newfoundlands.

The brown is Cass, he is going to be 7 in mid March. He is overall healthy for a giant breed. He has some very minimal arthritic changes as he ages, however, he was DXd with Blastomycosis a few months ago, which was devastating, as it can kill dogs. This is a “systemic fungal infection caused by the dimorphic fungus Blastomyces dermatitidis. The infective form of the organism, the mycelial phase, is most likely to be found in sandy, acidic soil near bodies of fresh water. High organic matter content in the soil from decaying wood byproducts or animal waste together with moist conditions promotes growth of the organism. Blastomyces dermatitidis has a relatively wide distribution in North America, including the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio river valleys; the Middle Atlantic states; southern Saskatchewan; Manitoba; Quebec; and Ontario.” We do water rescue training and work (he is a newf) and we suspect this is how he contracted blasto. It is somewhat common where we are located. We started CHO Pet right around the time he was DXd. One clinical sign/affect of blasto is loss of appetite and anorexia. While his blasto has manifested through his tissue, bones and joints we feel, I strongly feel the CHO Pet has kept him strong, and kept his appetite up, even from the early days of this DX and when the meds, which are what humans take as well, were incredibly rough on his system. He is on the 1200mg 2x a day. Lesser things we have noticed are his back legs that sometimes tremor have almost completely stopped.

My black Newfoundland is Elmore, he turned 3 on Jan 31. He is our “lemon”. He has arthritis in his elbows, not so great hips, has had 2 CCL repairs and an incredibly unfortunate accident while running through our backyard as normal dogs would do- he went down and became paralyzed. He was DXd with IVDD- intervertebral disc disease- a ruptured disc on T13-L1. He had no motor function of his back legs. Surgery was not an option per his specialist as his spinal cord was not compressed. We have done incredible amounts of physical therapy in order to get him to walk again and his improvements have been huge. While he is not yet walking “normal” or on his own, he is making strides and we hope he will eventually walk by himself again. We have him on the 2400mg 2x a day. I think this has helped ease pain along with our traditional management and PT, and has helped with his other issues that he had BEFORE the major spinal injury. I felt I saw a change in his energy level before he had his back injury, so I do feel this has continued to help. I also believe it has helped with his ongoing progress.

One major note- I never saw any change in their stool, which is a big deal for us. I tried one other CBD product and it was mixed with coconut oil and upset both of my guys stomachs SO BADLY.

I know my observations are just stories, and not scientific, but I will continue to give CHO Pet. I really feel it has helped both of my dogs issues along with their traditional medical plans.

-Ashley G.

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    Our epileptic dog almost went 30 days without a seizure. We will be increasing his dose and hoping for an even longer duration of zero seizures for our little man.

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    Live in FL, would love a cheaper shipping option so we can have it arrive timely and quickly once we order.

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