Reusable BioBlocX™ Argaman Face Masks

5 Layers of Comfortable, Breathable Antimicrobial Protection. Manufactured by Argaman Technologies

What are Argaman BioBlocX™ Face Masks?

BioBlocX™ is a 5-layer hypoallergenic antimicrobial face mask made from cotton, copper, and cutting edge materials. It’s breathable and comfortable protection that can be safely reused indefinitely. The BioBlocX™ Face Mask is manufactured in Israel by Argaman Technologies, Ltd. ABSC Organics is the only US-based distributor of these masks.

Why are we selling masks?

You know us as a supplier of premium veterinary CBD oil, and our website and social media feeds are full of cute pet images and heartwarming stories. But we’ve always been—first and foremost—a company devoted to science. We’re in constant communication with leading scientists and researchers around the world, and although we’re normally only focused on pet wellness, the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus has created an urgent set of emergent needs. If car manufacturers can step up and retool their production lines to make ventilators and fashion companies can pivot to supply our heroic doctors and nurses with surgical masks, we figured we could venture outside the pet CBD world and import these reusable and amazingly effective masks.

Argaman face masks masks are expensive to import due to their cutting edge fiber technology, but they pay for themselves quickly due to their washable and reusable nature. We’re not doing this to make a big profit, and we don’t plan to be in the face mask business over the long term. But when given a chance to import a shipment of these premium masks, we decided it made sense to offer them to our customers and friends. Learn more about them below.


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Argaman Mask

What is the BioBlocX™ Face Mask Made Of?

The BioBlocX Face Mask is made up of 5 layers:

  • Layer #1 is the outer layer. This is a woven textile made with CottonX fibers.
  • Layer #2  is a non-woven CottonX fabric. This layer serves to catch any micro-particles that may pass through the pores of the woven fabric in layer #1.
  • Layer #3 is a nano fiber textile membrane. The individual fibers are approximately 1/1000 the thickness of a human hair, and they are stacked so that they are approximately 1 micron think. (Human hair is approximately 100 microns thick.) This layer allows air to pass through, but bacteria cannot.
  • Layer #4 is another layer of the non-woven CottonX fabric.
  • Layer #5 is the inner layer made up of the same woven textile CottonX fibers found on the outer layer.
Please Remember
The use of this or any face mask is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, washing your hands and refraining from touching your face. Follow the latest advice of the CDC and your own health care professionals as to how best to keep yourself safe.

Due to the personal nature of this item these masks are non-refundable, please be sure to verify that your shopping cart is accurate before placing your order.